Real estate smartly sold

Property Staging is a company specialized in the task of showcasing properties at its best to increase your chances to sell your home better and faster.

When selling first impressions are decisive, we use all our experience and expertise to emphasize the potential of your home, to let it outshine from other properties out of a very competitive real estate market.

Home staging boosts the sales in a slow markets and can help to increase your sale price from 2% to 10% in dynamic markets.

Furthermore home staging significantly reduces your negotiation´s margin because you present a product in a good condition and at its best.

Because our goal is your success, we do everything to achieve the maximum with a minimum of investment.

We offer staging services from simple consultations to intensive home staging for vacant and occupied properties. We also stage flats for rental purpose.

We stage houses, lofts and flats between Munich and Brussels.

Some statistics….

  • 85%buy with their subconscious

  • 90% of purchasers are not able to visualize how an empty room can be furnished

  • Less than 15 seconds – that is the very short time in which a purchaser decides whether he likes your home or not

  • 95% first start their research on the Internet

  • The costs of home staging are always less than your first price reductions in sales negotiations

  • 1 = 3. Every euro which is not invested in repairs will cost at least three times more in negotiations